Baked Caramel Apple Donuts


First, these are a great way to use any leftover apples you may have. The recipe is incredibly easy and a great introduction into the world of baked donuts. They are more cake-y tasting but holy cow are they moist & delicious. The caramel sauce is simply melted caramel candies, and is mega sticky but oh so good.
Toddler Rating: "Donuts are my favorite donuts!"

Easy Chicken Lo Mein

Recipe: Easy Chicken Lo Mein

Ramen noodles were a staple when I was first moved out on my own. I was so poor I even attempted to make a version of Hamburger Helper with just water (no hamburger!). This would've been a nice cheap recipe to have. I personally would have liked it to have just a tad more flavor, but that can be adjusted. I'm not a big onion & pepper fan so the frozen veggies I bought only had carrots, pea pods, onions, & mushrooms in it. Prep time was super fast, only taking about 5 minutes to cut the chicken. Cooking the entire dish took about 20 minutes. My only mistake was letting my noodles sit in the water until I turned on the burner so they ended up a little soggier than I like.

Toddler Rating: I asked him, but he was too busy shoveling it in his mouth to be bothered with questions.

Chicken Broccoli Supreme

Recipe:  Chicken Broccoli Supreme

I promise that I'll make it a point to take better pictures!

This was incredibly delicious. It was refreshing to find a casserole that didn't use cream of whatever soup. It uses a homemade cheese sauce that was super easy to make. It took about 30 minutes to prepare it & another 30 minutes to bake. In the future you could cut prep time by using frozen broccoli & canned chicken. You could also swap out ingredients, add more veggies, etc. It's very adaptable. I personally omitted the poppy seeds from the recipe.

Toddler rating: "Gimme that big broccoli!"


Menu for week of 10-15-11

I planned my very first menu using Pinterest. It's my new favorite internet toy! It was also suggested by a friend that I review the recipes that I use throughout the week. I'm starting this blog to chronicle the meals I make and maybe life in general. You can see my menu for the week here: